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  • Behavioral Problem Solving
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • House Manners
  • Manage and Control
  • Puppy Pre-School
  • In-Home Training
  • Board-Training

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welcome dogIs your dog creating chaos in your household? Eliminate unwanted behavior by applying the 3 C's - Confidence, Consistency, and Control. Providing customized instruction which are fun, effective & practical,
K9 Coaching will help you understand and develop your dog's natural behaviors - which are undoubtedly significant for your relationship with your dog.

Dog Logic

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Confidence Building
Maneuvering agility obstacles can be frightening for the insecure dog. K9 Coaching utilizes calming techniques to encourage the dog in performing exercises which increases confidence, body awareness and balance.

Mind Games
Stimulating your dog's brain is just as or more tiring than physical exercise. K9 Coaching makes use of the dog's natural response to solve undesirable behavior by implementing meaningful mind-challenging activity.